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Are you looking to hire a property manager in St. Johns County, Fl? If you are then try the real estate and property management services of Gifford Properties & Management!

For over a decade, we have taken care of investment properties and offered our expert property management skills. We wish to provide the same stress-free environment for your St. Johns County, FL rental properties.

Self-managing a property can be physically taxing and very time-consuming. It’s also easy to make mistakes that will put your finances and business at risk if you don’t have the right skills and experience. With our experience and professional skills, you can rest easy knowing that your rental properties are in good hands.

We’ll find you worthy occupants ensuring your rental investment will bring in consistent earnings. Our systems are tried and tested making them very effective. As our client, you can count on our friendly property management services, prompt responses, and committed stance in helping the growth of your St. Johns County rental property.

We offer initial consultations to prospective clients. Feel free to call us now at (888) 870 5070. We can discuss ways our property management services can help you!

Our Property Management Services

To generate positive returns for your St. Johns County, FL rental property, you need efficient rent collection, effective marketing, detailed tenant screenings, prompt maintenance, and organized financial reporting. Gifford Property Management is ready to provide all these property management services to you.

full-service St. Johns property management company

Here are some benefits you can enjoy as our valued client:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

As the gateway to your success in the rental industry, marketing is an important skill to cultivate. A vacant home represents more expenses in maintenance and takes up more of your time as you prepare the space and schedule property showings.

Gifford Property Management has the right marketing skills to handle the advertising and promotion of your St. Johns County rental property. We’re intentional in raising the viewership of your investment property home ads. The higher the exposure, the better the chance of finding qualified tenants.

Tenant Screening Process

Finding the right tenant the first time means facing fewer headaches and stress down the road. A good tenant is one who consistently pays their rent on time, respects the terms of the lease agreement, and takes good care of the property while living in it. To land such a renter, you must conduct a thorough tenant screening.

We at Gifford Property Management take our time to meticulously conduct a tenant screening which includes background and criminal history checks of prospective tenants. We also assess their renting history, income, credit score, and records of bankruptcy. We want you to feel at ease by only welcoming the best type of renters into your property.

Rent Collection

To ensure that you’re paid on time, you need to consistently collect rent. If you’re self-managing an investment property, you might find it a challenge and it can also put you in distress to constantly chasing down rent payments.

rent collection and rent payments

As your professional representative, Gifford Property Management can exercise a more firm stance in rent collection. We offer multiple options for tenants to make their payments as part of our rent collection services. We assign the highest priority in collecting rent so you can enjoy positive returns. Each month you will earn a consistent income and it will be deposited in your account conveniently.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

To keep long-term tenants, you need to pay attention to the habitability of your St. Johns County rental property. Are property damages fixed? Are renovations taking place? Do you repaint the unit every few years? These are little things that matter a whole lot to your renters.

Gifford Property Management is always focused on the condition of your investment property. By providing a clean, functional rental property, we ensure your tenants are fully satisfied to keep renewing their leases.

We are prompt in handling emergencies, complaints, and maintenance requests. We also practice preventive inspections to catch small issues before they snowball into costly repairs. In doing so, we’re protecting your income and generating savings.

property maintenance and inspections for a property owner

Detailed Financial Reporting

To make it easy for you to check how your rental property is doing, we provide you with monthly statements online including profit and expense reports. You’re constantly kept in the loop as our company values transparency. This organized financial reporting leads to accounting ease during tax season.

About St. Johns County, Florida

St. Johns County is located in the northeastern area of Florida. It’s considered as part of the Jacksonville metro region. Residents enjoy the lovely in and around St. Johns County.

The area offers great access to top-rated schools making it an ideal place to raise a family. In terms of amenities, it has premier hospitals, diverse shops, and excellent restaurants. Whether you’re looking for recreational activities or commuting to work, St. Johns County is the perfect place to stay.

St. Johns County is also in close proximity to Jacksonville making it easy to travel to and enjoy the big city amenities and exciting events such as football games and beach trips.

Here are interesting places to see in St. John County, Florida:

  • St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum
  • Faver-Dykes State Park
  • Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park
  • Anastasia State Park
  • St. Johns County Ocean Pier
    - Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to St. Johns County, we also proudly serve the areas of Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, Orange Park, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra, Riverside, and Fleming Island.