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Are you looking for professional and honest property management services in Orange Park? If so, look no further than Gifford Properties & Management .

Unlike many other property management companies, we have over 12 years of experience and expertise, which will help in maximizing your rental income in more ways than just one.

You can count on us for convenience, timeliness, reliability and cost-efficiency. All our property managers are highly trained and have extensive knowledge when it comes to property management.

As your full-service property management company, we'll manage your Orange Park property management needs. A property manager will help you fill your rental property vacancies quickly to return to positive cash flow. We care for your properties like our very own through regular inspections and maintenance. Additionally, as part of managing your Orange Park rental, we provide financial reporting and ensure that rent collection is done on time, every time.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us today for a free rental analysis! We'll be happy to customize a package for you or answer any questions you might have. You can reach us by phone at (888) 870-5070 or by sending us an email at agifford@giffordproperties.com. Alternatively, leave us your details on this contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Our Property Management Services

At Gifford Properties & Management, our services are geared towards helping property owners in Orange Park FL achieve peace of mind. By hiring us, long-term vacancies, undesirable tenants, inconsistent rents, and even tenant evictions (with our eviction protection) will be a thing of the past.

The following are some of the Orange Park property management services you can expect when working with us.

1. We fill your vacancies in the shortest time possible.

Are you having a hard time filling your rental vacancies? Do you have a high tenant turnover rate? Or maybe, you are just starting out and don't know where to start? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, Gifford Properties & Management has you covered.

Our property management strategies are results-driven. Our Orange Park FL property managers have enough experience in the local market to understand what works and what doesn't.

To ensure your Orange Park rental property gets maximum reach, we employ several strategies. One is creating an effective rental ad that targets a specific tenant caliber.

Another strategy we employ is reaching as many prospective tenants as possible via widespread marketing. We make use of both online and offline marketing tactics, from top rental listing sites to yard signs.

2. We help you rent to quality tenants.

Are you having a hard time renting to quality tenants? If you do, worry no more! A property manager from Gifford Properties & Management can help you find the right renters for your Orange Park FL rental property with our thorough tenant screening process. These kinds of tenants fulfill the responsibilities of living in a rental property, such as by making early repair requests and paying rent without issue.

Our Orange Park property managers do this by conducting thorough tenant screenings. The tenant screening process looks at several things, including:

  • How much they are making every month. To minimize rent default issues, we only rent to tenants that earn 3X the rent amount. For example, if the rent amount is $1,500, then we require them to make at least $4,500 every month.
  • Their previous rental history. By calling previous landlords, we learn more about a particular tenant. We inquire about various things, including whether they paid rent on time, took good care of the premises and whether they informed their landlords that they are looking to move out.
  • Their credit rating. From experience, a tenant with a high credit rating is more likely to care for the premises. For this reason, we look to rent to tenants with a credit rating of at least 670.

You can, therefore, count on us to find tenants for your rental properties that are rent-punctual, responsible and long-term.

3. We help take good care of your property for you.

We can take good care of your Orange Park FL rental property, just like you would. At Gifford Properties & Management, we have a team of reliable, professional and trustworthy contractors and vendors that help us handle tenants' maintenance issues.

A property manager responds to repair calls promptly and implement maintenance measures before issues can get serious and potentially costly.

4. We help price your rentals strategically.

How you price your Orange Park rental properties can make or break your rental investments. If you price them lower, you will not be able to maximize your return on investment. On the other hand, if you price them higher, you risk driving away potential tenants.

Gifford Properties & Management has a team of devoted property managers that specialize in market research and analysis. We conduct comparative market research to come up with a rent price.

The perfect rent price is one that will enable you to maximize your ROI without making your investment undesirable.

5. We help make your rent consistent month after month.

As you probably know, inconsistent rent payments are bad for business. As an Orange Park area landlord, you may not be able to maximize your rental income.

Luckily for you, Gifford Properties & Management can help. Our property managers have the experience and strategies to ensure that rent collection is easy. We will make sure that you get paid on time, every time.

About Orange Park, Florida

Orange Park is a town in Clay County, FL. The town has a population of 8,680 and is one of the best places to live in the state of Florida.

Located in northeast Florida, Orange Park boasts a rich history and culture, as well as numerous beaches and attractions.

The following are some of the attractions and adventurous activities you can enjoy while there.

  • Atlantic Beach
  • The Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts
  • Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens
  • The Clarke House Park
  • Black Creek Trail
  • Eagle Landing Golf Club
  • The Natural Healing Day Spa
  • Orange Park Community Theatre
  • Orange Park Farmers' & Arts Market

Source: Wikipedia

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