Neighborhoods in Jacksonville: What You Should Know

Are you considering living or investing in a Jacksonville home? If you answered 'yes', then you’ll be happy to know that Jacksonville has a bunch of great neighborhoods to choose from.

The population in this city is the youngest in all of the Sunshine State. Over 60% of the households in the city have children. In fact, this figure only rises when you move farther away from downtown. There are many great local schools, shopping options and the urban parks system is the biggest you can find in the United States.

Raising a family comes with many expenses. Fortunately, the cost of living in Jacksonville is less than the national average. The same holds true for the unemployment rate.

best neighborhoods in jacksonville

Nevertheless the city of Jacksonville isn't a small town. You are able to choose between various neighborhoods and suburbs of Jacksonville. In this article, we'll go over some of the popular neighborhoods in Jacksonville that are family-friendly.

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Some Nice Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida

1. Oceanway

Looking for a safe and fast-growing area?

Oceanway is in a convenient location as its close to I-95 and the I-295 beltway. You'll find major retailers in the area, such as Lowe's and Wal-Mart.

The neighborhood is filled with single-family homes and upscale dwellings that will meet all your family needs. What's more, you can use the various hiking trails and playgrounds.

The Oceanway neighborhood provides excellent access to the Jacksonville Zoo. The cost of living is relatively low, especially for the riverfront houses. Additionally, your kids can go to schools like Oceanway Elementary School and Oceanway Middle School.

2. Nocatee

Many people have decided to live in Nocatee. The reasons for this are from the following amenities that they can enjoy in this ocean community:

  • Nocatee Spray Park. This is an interactive spray playground, which is the biggest one in the area. There is a playground for kids and a bar & grill where the parents are able to unwind.
  • Electric vehicle pathways. Nocatee is the first planned community in the region that boasts pathways created for Electric Vehicles.
  • Splash Water Park. In Nocatee, you'll have the chance to enjoy a top-class attraction. There's a lazy river for relaxing, a big slide tower for adrenaline-seekers, and even its own tiki bar for delicious cocktails.

Residents living in Nocatee live close to great Florida schools. You are able to send your kids off to schools in Duval County and St. Johns Country. The town center has many services, ranging from banks and groceries to salons and healthcare providers.

Moreover, there are plans in place to have up to five elementary schools and one middle school in Nocatee. That means residents can send their kids to a local school that is within an easy reach from their home.

3. Neptune Beach

A 25-minute drive from the city of Jacksonville, this neighborhood is one of the most well-known suburbs in the area. It's great fun for the whole family as the area offers all the pleasures of an oceanfront town.

Best neighborhoods in jacksonville beach

Residing in the area means you are never too far away from beaches. Swimming, surfing, and watersports are the top activities that you can enjoy with your whole family.

Not just that, the area also offers Jarboe Park that has plenty of playgrounds, sports fields, and walking trails. You are able to mix things up and plan various activities for your weekends.

4. Deercreek

The southeast side of Jacksonville is home to Deercreek, a great neighborhood to raise a family in. This area has many types of homes, such as:

  • Single-family residences
  • One-bedroom condos
  • Two-bedroom condos
  • Townhomes

The neighborhood has a good location as it's between I-95 and the I-295 beltway. The ocean breeze and beaches fun are always close to home. You only have to drive 30 minutes to get to the Oceanfront Park.

With the highest graduation rates in the city of Jacksonville, this area has higher-than-average home prices. It may not be the most affordable choice for young families.

5. Orange Park

Orange Park is a neighborhood that is more of a suburb as it's 45 minutes away from Jackson. However, this area retains all the perks of living in this part of Florida.

best neighborhoods in downtown jacksonville

Those who love the outdoors will feel at home in this neighborhood. There are camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and water sports opportunities around this neighborhood. Living in the area means access to numerous bodies of water, including:

  • Black Creek
  • Doctor's Lake
  • St. Johns River

There are many events and shopping opportunities in the area that provide a great day full of activities. For example, the Fall Festival has plenty of entertainment, fun activities for the kids, and delicious fair food.

The Bottom Line: Different Parts of Jacksonville FL and What You Should Know

Jacksonville is a great place to settle down! However, there are still many things to consider, such as education, entertainment options, shopping, and safety when choosing where to live.

Before making your final decision, make a list of things that your family is looking for in a neighborhood. Weigh the different areas to see which one matches your wants and needs best.

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