How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

Some first-time landlords fail to realize the role curb appeal plays in making your rental desirable. Good curb appeal can result in higher rental rates, nicer renters, and higher returns on investment when you sell.

Even if you have the most excellent furniture, amenities, and well-designed rooms, if your curb appeal fails to catch the attention of prospects or provide a positive first impression, you may find yourself dealing with long periods of vacancy.

The good news is, that minor, low-cost, adjustments can encourage potential tenants to consider your property a viable rental option. This piece will discuss ways to improve your curb appeal and set yourself apart from the competition.

Pay Attention to Your Front Door

The primary focus of a home is the front door. Your curb appeal will deteriorate if you're only scraping by with a practical front door that has seen better days. If you install a new door that complements your home's exterior and adds a unique design element you can garner more interest.

If you choose the right front door, your property will create the right first impression on prospective tenants and future buyers. Are you unable to afford a new front door? Replacing the hardware and giving it a fresh coat of paint is also a good idea.

nice front doors and home lighting

Add New Lighting

Nobody wants to live in a house with a dark driveway. Some front doors are situated beneath long, low porches or have long pathways leading to them. If this is the situation at your property, do everything you can to brighten up the entrance.

It would be best if you didn't spend lots of money updating the lighting on your front door. Pick out a new light fixture for the front door.

You might also think about putting lighting in the front yard. To make maintenance and upkeep as straightforward as possible, there are a variety of landscaping lights that run on batteries or solar power.

Carry Out Landscaping and Lawn Care

The best curb appeal comes from a well-maintained lawn. Make sure you and your tenants know who is responsible for which elements of its maintenance. For example, perhaps they mow and water the lawn regularly while you fertilize periodically.

You can also look for low-maintenance plants and simple landscaping elements to improve your curb appeal. A small flowerbed or planters on either side of the steps leading to the main entrance can be easy to maintain while adding a burst of color to the house.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Maintain a regular cleaning program to improve your curb appeal. Clean exteriors can provide an excellent first impression. Take the time to clean your outdoor furniture, gutters, windows, and pathways.

cleaning homes exterior

The more inviting and refreshing your home's outside is, the more renters will be interested in moving in. Also, potential tenants will think that the interior is well-kept if a rental home's exterior is.

Creating a tidy picture of your rental home from the exterior will help to attract more attention. A decent power washing will remove the dust, dirt, and pollen from your property and make it sparkle. For a modest fee, you can often rent out power washing services.

Apply Fresh Paint to Beautify Your Rental’s Exterior

A fresh coat of paint is always a good investment inside and outside the home. When was the last time you thought about the color of your rental property's exterior walls? Consider modifying the paint color scheme if you're having trouble securing tenants.

As a general rule, homes that are set back from the street and have many shadows should use lighter colors to help avoid the “black hole effect”. On the other hand, darker hues can be used for homes closer to the street and have little to no shade in the front yard.

Invest in a Modern Garage Door

A new garage door will cost you a little more money, but it can drastically improve the curb appeal of your property. The garage door is one of the most visible parts of the property from the street in many rental houses.

garage door

You can go with a modern alternative like an aluminum-and-glass garage door, or you can go with a carriage house-style garage door for a vintage feel. In either case, finding the perfect garage door improves your home's curb appeal and value.

Get Nice Out Door Furniture

Looking for a unique way to dress up the outside of your house? Consider bringing in some furnishings. A porch swing is ideal for some homes, or a pair of bright chairs with a small table would suffice for others.

When renting out a home, the idea is for potential tenants to see themselves living there. Offering a suitable outdoor space, such as a porch with a swing or a sitting area, allows them to imagine themselves living drinking their coffee in the mornings out there.

Have a Greener Environment

Add plants and flowers outside your rental house. Your home will have a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere thanks to the lush vegetation that offers a relaxing ambiance.

More vegetation can help boost vitality and improve the appearance of your home. To beautify your front yard, speak with a professional or a garden enthusiast. Be sure to choose low-maintenance plants so that your tenants aren't burdened with the upkeep.

Bottom Line

When looking to rent out your property and garner interest from prospective tenants you cannot overlook the impact that curb appeal can have. Small changes can make a world of difference so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

If you need help deciding on the best improvements to make or any other aspect of property management, reach out to the team at Gifford Properties & Management today!

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent property management services. If you seek honest and professional property management in Fleming Island or Jacksonville, Florida, we can assist you!

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