Dealing with Noise Complaints

Having you been asked to handle noise complaints from tenants? This is a common occurrence that all landlords will face!

Dealing with tenant complaints about noise can be challenging for any landlord. Not only do you need to consider the concerns of your tenant and how their actions impact those around them, but you also want to make sure that your response is fair for all parties involved in the situation.

In this blog post, we at Gifford Properties & Management will explore how best to handle sound-related issues with tenants. Moreover, we’ll share how to navigate situations like those regarding neighborly tensions without taking away anyone's right to thrive peacefully at home.

Common Triggers of Noise Complaints in Rental Properties

The most common sources of noise complaints stem from tenants not respecting the rules and guidelines outlined in their lease agreements. Common triggers of noise complaints include:

Late-Night Parties

Hosting a party is not necessarily a violation of the rental agreement. But while parties are acceptable and fun, they can be bothersome to neighbors if your tenant holds them late into the evening or on a frequent basis.

Essentially, the noise level of the parties and their duration matter the most when investigating complaints.

group of friends on a rooftop dining area having a party

Loud Pet

Pets are great and lovable companions, but their barking or meowing can cause concern. A noisy pet can be a significant nuisance to tenants and neighbors. If you have a rental property with a "no pets" policy, then you must investigate the situation if there is a noise complaint about someone having a pet in their unit.

If you do allow pets and receive noise complaints you need to assess if the noise level and frequency was within reason or not.

Excessive Disturbances

Excessive disturbances include loud talking, jumping, screaming, or shouting. Arguments are normal, and so is walking in your house. However, it’s crucial to take action if the disturbances become excessive and interfere with other tenant's or neighbors ability to peacefully enjoy their property.

Understanding, Assessing, and Resolving Tenant Noise Issues

Once you have identified the noise source, it’s essential to assess the severity and validity of the complaint. Suppose there are laws or regulations in place regarding maximum noise decibel levels. In that case, you should check with your city's jurisdiction to ensure your tenants are not violating them.

Additionally, you shouldn't confront the tenant immediately, as the complaint may be unfounded. There’s always a possibility that what the neighbors perceive as noise was just part of everyday life, such as talking, laughing, and even playing music.

If this is the case, you should consult other tenants to ensure they are not responsible for the disturbance and then advise them on how to move forward.

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Once all options have been considered, if you determine that the noise is coming from one of your tenants, then it may be necessary to speak with them to resolve the issue. Use a calm approach and explain that you must ensure all tenants have an enjoyable stay and try to find a compromise.

What to Do If the Complaint Is Not Valid

Ensuring that all complaints are handled with respect and seriousness is essential. However, if you find out that the complaint was not valid or caused by someone other than your Florida tenants, then it’s best to explain the situation to the person who made the complaint.

Let them know that you looked into the situation in detail and failed to find evidence to support the complaint.

What to Do If the Complaint Is Valid

If the complaint is valid, talk to your tenant and find a solution that works for everyone. However, depending on the severity of the noise issue, you may need to take further action, such as issuing a warning or eviction notice.

Suppose your tenant continues to host late-night parties frequently without respecting other tenants' quiet hours, you may need to take action by issuing a warning letter or eviction notice for breaking the lease agreement policy on noise.

How to Avoid Noise Complaints In The Future

By taking the necessary preventative measures, you can ensure that your tenants are not in breach of any rules and regulations, which will help maintain a positive relationship between the neighbor and your tenant.

person passing a folder labeled policy to someone sitting a desk

It’s important to be proactive so consider the following preventative measures:

Set a Clear Policy

To avoid future noise complaints, it’s essential to set a clear policy in the rental agreement. This should include a list of acceptable noise levels and what would constitute a breach.

Provide Soundproofing Materials

You can also provide tenants with soundproofing materials such as carpets, curtains, or acoustic tiles. These tools help absorb unnecessary noises and reduce the impact of noise reverberations.

Provide Proper Communication Channels

It’s essential to be understanding and considerate when dealing with noise issues, as this will create an enjoyable living environment for everyone involved.

Establishing a communication channel between tenants, the landlord, and neighbors is therefore important to address any problems immediately. This can be done by setting up an online forum for all residents or providing contact information for all parties involved.

All these steps will help you keep noise complaints to a minimum, enabling your tenants and neighbors to enjoy their stay on the property without any disturbances.

Bottom Line

Noise complaints are a common issue. The key is to be proactive, set clear policies, and provide soundproofing materials to reduce the impact of noise reverberations. Also, establishing proper communication channels will help address any issues immediately and prevent further disagreements or legal disputes.

With these steps in mind, you can help ensure everyone on the property enjoys their stay without any disturbances. That said, if you are tired of handling noise complaints yourself, Gifford Properties & Management is here to help. Contact us today, and let us manage your rental properties for you!

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